For the memory that lasts a life


For your day when the essence of beauty is defined by you.


Who am I?

I'm Varsha Gidwani, a.k.a @Dramaeinbaaz on popular medias.

It's your special day, embrace & cherish it in all your glory.
Varsha Gidwani, the artist trusted by hundreds of

stunning brides and celebrities. Her experience, paralleled

by none, extends to her technique & work-ethic. Because

nothing & no one should parallel your glow on your special


Get made up by the best! 


What I Can Do For You

Everything I Offer


Bridal Make-up

Ocassion specific

Comprehensive package


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Me + You

Many, many apologies no matter how hard I try to be a part of every one of your special days, I'm restricted to being a mere human and a troubling lack of omnipresence.

Let's match our availability and requirements!
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